Pacific Steel is New Zealand's only manufacturer of wire rod, reinforcing bar and coil products. Our Auckland based manufacturing facility produces around 250,000 tonnes of manufactured steel per year.

Pacific Steel's SEISMIC® branded bar and coil products are made to meet New Zealand's unique seismic conditions and can be found in commercial, industrial, infrastructure and residential buildings nationwide. The unique SEISMIC® branding has been rolled into every Earthquake Grade 300E and 500E bar and coil to identify our product as the only locally made product produced to local standards.

Our Australasian Certification Authority for Reinforcing and Structural Steels, or 'ACRS' third party certification, reflects the importance we place on testing. This allows us to provide our customers with high quality, consistent products which meets their expectations and desired specifications. ACRS accreditation reduces the risk by providing assurance that our steel is regularly and thoroughly tested to meet the standard.

Alongside SEISMIC®, Pacific Steel also produces a range of manufactured zinc-aluminium galvanised wire. Our WIREMARK® branded fencing wire is the only locally manufactured wire in New Zealand and has been developed for our local conditions. The WIREMARK® brand has been trusted by New Zealand’s fencing industry for over 50 years.