A name that’s synonymous with quality

For more than six decades, our reinforcing steel has been trusted by New Zealand’s construction sector and used on some of the country’s most important infrastructure projects. In the past, it’s been stamped with our ‘SEISMIC’® bar mark. Moving forward, the bar mark on all of our reinforcing steel will simply be ‘PACIFIC’™ – a name which represents assurance, credibility and confidence.

Why is the bar mark important?

The bar mark is your sign of authenticity. When you see the ‘PACIFIC’™ mark, you know you’re getting a product developed specifically for New Zealand’s unique conditions, by a team which has been manufacturing locally for over 60 years.

Our reinforcing steel is a premium, earthquake-grade product available in both steel bar and coiled form. All of our reinforcing steel products are tested in a dedicated IANZ-accredited laboratory to ensure they meet the stringent AS/NZS 4671 Standard.

The ‘PACIFIC’™ bar mark will be introduced in June 2024. During the transition to our new bar mark, products with the ‘SEISMIC’® mark will also remain in circulation. This crossover period is expected to last approximately 12 months, depending on existing stock levels.